Everything you need to know about Everything | Locate files and folders by name instantly

If you are looking for a software which can provide you search results instantly rather waiting for your files to load up and located by the default search engine embedded with Windows operating system itself, then you just hitted up the right article.

What is Everything?
Everything" is search engine application made for Windows, that locates files and folders by filename instantly.
Unlike Windows search "Everything" initially, displays every file and folder on your computer (hence the name "Everything").
You type in a search filter to limit what files and folders are displayed.

How long will it take to index your files and folder?
"Everything" indexes only file and folder names and generally takes a few seconds to build its database!
A fresh install of Windows 10 (i.e., about 120,000 files) may take about 1 second to index.
So 1,000,000 files may take about 1 minute or less depending on the processor and other conditions.

Personal Experience

Everything is helpful for everyone, it saves time!
After using the software for a month I can say that the small piece of code changed the way I was thinking about machines and the processes, just the simplest design and just the smallest code can change the way you think. That old Windows default search thing was, is and maybe will be a crap just because of the time they take in showing up the results, and then I found Everything Search Engine and the simple yet powerful user interface made me stick to the small software.
Everything being an instant search engine tool can be a perfect solution for photographers who keep some pictures of their customers so that he/she can print the same photograph later, or Everything can be useful for those who shoot a lot of stock footage(s) and use them later.

Something more about Everything
Everything being a reliable and a useful software also doesn't charge people for removing advertisements from the unpaid version or so on, it rather provides every powerful feature to everyone.
So if you want to donate the developer (David Carpenter) simply visit the donate page of the official voidtools website by clicking here.

To Download Everything (Search Engine Tool by voidtools)
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