Diwali Special Widgets for Blogger

Diwali Widgets

Diwali is coming the festival of lights and we are here to help some bloggers get Diwali special widgets for their blogs,well we found three(3) awesome widgets you can simply add to your blog !

Back to Top Scrolling Rocket Boy Widget
Well you already knew about the scrolling widget people add onto their blog in order to allow any visitor to scroll to the top of the page by just clicking that button, well but now for this occasion we have a nice animated rocket widget that looks really good. So I do not have any demo link available but its easy to implement so have a look
  1. Open Blogger>Template>Edit HTML
  2. Press Ctrl+F and type </body>
  3. Now Copy the code below and paste it before
  4. Now press the Save Template button.
Embed Diwali Greetings Card with Sound on Websites Well this is another good widget that you can easily embed on your website to greet your visitor with melodious sounds and diya images. Quotes are outstanding and it looks really rick. Well you can add this widget onto your sidebar, so whenever someone click on play icon it starts playing, well this widget in action click below play button.

  1. Open Blogger>Layout>Add Gadget>HTML/Javascript
  2. Now Copy the Code below
    <embed height="460" src="http://goo.gl/1fxsHW" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="624"></embed>
  3. Now Adjust the height and the width of the widget according to your blog !
  4. Now after making all the changes just hit the  Save Arrangement  button.
So now your greetings card will be live on your blog, well you can even add this widget anywhere else just use the code provided and enjoy. Make sure not change that SRC="URL" else your widget will not work properly.

Awesome Fireworks Widget for Blogger Blogs

As you can see this page is full of fireworks all around!
Want this to your Website/Blog
  1. Open Blogger>Template>Edit HTML
  2. Press Ctrl+F and type </body>
  3. Now Copy the Code below and paste it before
  4. Now hit Save Template and enjoy rockets bursting all over you blog interface