Google Allo | AI Messaging on the GO!

Google Allo

Allo is an Instant Messaging app developed by Google. Allo was announced by Google at Google I/O on 18th of May, 2016

Google Allo is a smart AI based messaging app that helps you while conversations.
Allo helps you express yourself better with stickers, doodles, and large emojis & text. Google Allo also brings you the most accurate Google Assistant, preview edition.
Allo is based on phone numbers and is a full featured AI messaging app !

Add more you to you chats

Respond without typing, in your style.
Allo Smart Reply lets you be in the conversation moving with a single tap by smartly suggesting texts, emojis and much more responses based on your the conversation. For example, it learns if you're more of a “haha” or “lol” person so the more you use Google Allo, the more “you” the suggestions become.

*Feature only available in English.
Google Allo | Smart Reply

Shout or Whisper.
Add more meaning to your words by adjusting the size of your text. When you need more than ALL CAPS to get your point across, simply slide up to shout, and down to whisper.

Google Allo Shout or Whisper

Turn any photo into a work of art.
Get creative with the photos you send by doodling on them or adding text. Draw a smiley face, turn your friends into memes, and mix in some color.

*Feature only available on Android.

Get help from your Google Assistant without leaving the conversation.
Your Assistant can suggest restaurants nearby or movies to check out, right in your conversation. Find videos to share, get directions, and seek answers together with your friends. Just add @google, and your Assistant is ready to help.
Google Assistant for Allo

Say it privately in Incognito mode.
Start an incognito chat to send a message with end-to-end encryption. Incognito mode also comes with expiring chats so you can control how long your messages stick around and private notifications to help keep your chats more discreet.