How to Disable Updates in Windows 10

How to Disable Updates in Windows 10

If you are using the Non-Licensed version of  Windows 10 and dealing with Background Updates, then this post may help you a lot!

  • These background updates may decrease your internet speed, just because they are downloading updates !
  • They(Microsoft) can detect that you are using a Non-Licensed Version of Windows 10 and make your windows corrupt in a span of 30 days
Your Windows license will expire soon

You need to activate windows in PC settings

Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

Step 1. Open Run, either by pressing 
Windows key
By searching "Run" via Cortana and opening it.

Step 2. Type in


Now Press Enter, a new window will popup.

Step 3. Now seek for Background Intelligent Transfer Service

  • Now Right click on it and then click on Properties
  • Now change the Service Status to Stopped by clicking on the Stop button.
  • Now Change the Startup type to Disabled from the drop down selection menu
  • Now click on Apply then OK

Step 4.  Now seek for Windows Update (Service) and repeat the same process

  • Right click on it and then click on Properties
  • Now change the Service Status to Stopped by clicking on the Stop button.
  • Now Change the Startup type to Disabled from the drop down selection menu
  • Now click on Apply then OK

Now Restart your PC and that's it.

You can check if it's working or not by going to
Settings>Update & security>Windows Update
And you can see that Windows is unable to start:
Windows Update Services