How to Stop Blogger from Redirecting to a Country Specific Domain

How to Stop Blogger from Redirecting to a Country Specific Domain
All bloggers out there who use as there domain or in simple words we can say those who are using Google's Blogger and haven't yet set up a Third Party URL for their blogs may have noticed that whenever you open your blog by typing in your Unique Name followed by you are redirected to a country specific URL (i.e., redirects to if we open it from India) which include 15 countries.
Those countries are as follows:
  1. India []
  2. Australia []
  3. United Kingdom (UK) []
  4. Japan []
  5. NewZealand []
  6. Canada []
  7. Germany []
  8. Italy []
  9. France []
  10. Sweden []
  11. Spain []
  12. Portugal []
  13. Brazil []
  14. Argentina []
  15. Mexico []
Cons of having a Country Specific Redirect
  • Likes and Shares for the same blog post will be reduced as the same post will work differently to different countries.
  • If you are using an external commenting tool like Facebook comments plugin or Disqus then you may face the same problem happening with your shares, likes and page views.
  • If you are blogging just to make money then the country specific redirect may decrease your income.
How to fix this
Step 1: Go to and from the dashboard click on Template>Edit HTML

Step 2: Now under the <head> tag insert the following code:

Step 3: Now click on  Save template  and now check your blog.

Note: If you use a Third-party domain for your blogger blog, remove the script from the template of your blog.